Adventure Cabaret
Become the change.

Seeking Talented Actors

We have completed a pilot of the project, and are now seeking talented actors for the production phase.

This is an entrepreneurial project that we expect will be a major hit for years to come and will make a large profit.

We have a highly innovative, copyrighted script. We have done a complete set of rehearsals with a pilot cast, and the results of rehearsal showed us that we have a hit on our hands. In addition, we have a deeply talented multimedia production team in place, because the show involves not just live actors, but immersive multimedia.

What we do not yet have is exactly the right actors.

What we are looking for in actors

We are looking for actors who are talented, courageous, curious and have a good understanding of entrepreneurial projects.

We are looking for people who understand what an investment is: an investment of time and effort, an investment of spirit toward a long term goal, and long term rewards.

If you just want to be on stage and collect a paycheck next week, this is probably not the project for you.

But if you want to be part of something truly meaningful and important, want to reap big rewards a bit down the line, and are willing to do the necessary work, please send a headshot and resumé to

You may also call us directly at (415) 579-2586.

We look forward to hearing from you.